Scope of the conference

Once applied only to problems of mining reserves assessment or petroleum reservoir characterization, geostatistics is now being used in an increasingly large number of environmental sciences disciplines.

The objective of the geoENV conference series is to bring together scientists from many different areas which share in common the application of geostatistics to environmental problems. A non-exclusive list of topics which are covered includes:

  • Groundwater pollution and hydrogeology
  • Soil science, site remediation, industrial sites
  • Air monitoring
  • Spatio-temporal statistics
  • Climatology
  • Ecology, natural resources
  • Forestry, agriculture
  • Epidemiology, ecotoxicology
  • Biometry
  • Remote Sensing

The Neuchâtel conference follows the series of previous geoENV conferences which were held in Lisbon (1996), Valencia (1998), Avignon (2000) and Barcelona (2002).

Last update : Tue, Jun 17, 2003